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What you Missed on Clubhouse Last Night - Elon Musk and Vladimir Tenev (CEO of Robin Hood)

Last night at 10pm Pacific, Elon Musk took part in a conversation on Clubhouse - a new networking app that facilitates live podcasts. He was the esteemed guest of the "Good Time" show, hosted by Clubhouse Execs: Sriram Krishnan and Marc Andreesen (of a16z).

A broad range of topics were covered during the hour and a half long talk. From a shared love of memes for their simple transfer of deep encrypted messages, to interplanetary colonization, and the harsh conditions that can be expected by voyagers of the final frontier.

Dogecoin, and bitcoin — subjects everyone seemed to be waiting for — made their way onto the table. Musk was very careful, and intentional in his statement — acknowledging the gravity his words tend to bear on the market.

ON DOGE: "Fate loves irony". Dogecoin originated as a joke - a bit of a mockery on the crypto scene. However, Musk says that we tend to gravitate towards what is entertaining, and that it would certainly be the "most entertaining and ironic outcome if DOGE became the currency of earth in the future".

ON BITCOIN: "It's a good thing". Though self admittedly a late adopter of the bitcoin craze, Musk is as pro-crypto as is twitter bio would imply. He also said that he "thinks bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance people". A statement that set off an immediate $600 uptick in Bitcoin.

ON ROBINHOOD: It's hard to boil down the Robin Hood segment to a single quote...

Just before wrapping up the call, Elon asked Sriram to patch in Vlad Tenev - CEO of Robin Hood. Clubhouse rooms have a 5k member capacity, and there were about 30,000 listeners huddled into echo rooms to hear the conversation. Despite the new platform's bandwidth being put to the test, it performed its key feature with ease, and pinged Vlad into the room.

In stark contrast to the more seasoned richest man on earth, Vlad sounded like a kid in his dad's suit. The magnitude of last week's market craze was noticeably in his head as he tried to field question after question, primarily being pushed by Elon.